REVIEW: Austin Webb Sampler

We’re going a little country on 16 Clefs this week. Today, we’re giving you a review of Austin Webb’s Radio Sampler. I was able to see Austin perform for a radio station a few weeks ago and his personality is definitely the “life of the party.”

The 6 song sampler came on a nifty credit card size card that had a USB card that flipped out so you could load his music right onto your computer. (We like cool techy gadgets!)

The sampler opens with “Slip On By” and is just a reminder to live in the moment and not to let life pass by you. It’s like a Hallmark commercial for radio. It will make you cry if you’re really listening to the lyrics.

The sampler is 3 up tempo songs and 3 down tempo songs. I personally like the up tempo songs vs the down tempo songs (aka fast/up beat vs slow/ballad). “Life of the Party (Raise ‘Em Up)” is a fun drinking/party song and my favorite on the sampler. “If You See Her” which I still think should be called “Fade to Black” is an apology from a boy that fucked things up. It’s the perfect summer time whoa-is-me-get-the-girl-back song. I can envision it in a teen television show where the boy and girl who are apart living their own lives albeit while still pining away for young love.

Unfortunately, I can’t fully commit myself to saying I like this sampler. After seeing Austin perform live, this sampler is too narrow of a sampler and I don’t feel that it actually captures his fun loving personality. The one saving grace is “Life of the Party.” (listen below)