NEW ARTIST: The Taking

photo courtsey of The Taking
photo courtesy of The Taking

The best thing about loving music and being a music is junkie is stumbling onto new bands. When we jumped onto Twitter we originally thought about following only a few music focused outlets to stay in the know of what was happening in the various locations of where the contributors for this site are based out of and then we said fuck it and decided to follow any and all musically inclined beings.

There’s a bunch of you out there and we’re so glad you’re reaching out to us because we have discovered some musical gems and diamonds in the rough!

Having said that, we stumbled onto a band from San Antonio, TX with a Twitter bio that made us go huh, and then made us go listen to them.
Twitter bio: Mixing fist pumping rock/pop/EDM/electro and dub step. For fans of Bruno Mars, Nine Inch Nails, Skrillex, and Three Days Grace.

Okay, we’re interested because we have all of that music and those artists on our iTunes but we would have never put that together.

The band is called The Taking and we can’t stop listening to their spanking new single “I Won’t Remember a Thing” produced by Mike Gonsolin and Nick Nittoli. The Taking is currently unsigned, but I’ve got a feeling it won’t stay that way long.

Listen to “I Won’t Remember a Thing” below and let us know your thoughts on the song in the comments.


And we absolutely love their older song “The Bitter End”

Follow The Taking: website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud