courtesy of Matt Goss
courtesy of Matt Goss

I am a sucker for a set of baby blues and I will without shame say that is what made me go listen to Matt Goss.

1. Matt has baby blues.
2. Matt is from London – accent.
3. Matt is tattooed.

Holy trifecta of hotness.

Matt does have the talent in a voice that is dreamlike that of of Bing Crosby to back all that up.

One can’t help but be transported to the Vegas days of Sinatra with the sound of Matt’s voice. He is bringing swing to 2014 with a modern twist of soul and a whole lot of London swagger.

Think if Robbie Williams and Michael Bublé had a love child together…Matt would be said child.

Matt a veteran of the music industry for 27 years will releasing his album “Life You Imagine” on April 29th.

Check out the song “Mustang” the lead track from “Life You Imagine.” We are positive that his album “Life You Imagine” will be a bedroom soundtrack for many to come, a soundtrack of romance for those that want to win the girl (or guy), and a soundtrack that will make you believe you’re George Clooney in Ocean’s 11 even if your bank account is at zero.

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