REVIEW: Punk Goes 90s Volume 2

punkgoes90s600I am a fan of covers and of the “Punk Goes…”

The 90’s gave us many one hit wonders and bands that have become iconic in the world of music. Some of those hits and bands are covered by current artists in Fearless Records’ “Punk Goes 90s Volume 2”.

Here is our track by track break down:

1. Get Scared – “My Own Worst Enemy” originally performed by Lit – Not a huge difference from the original. Just a little heavier on the drums. We dig it.

2. Memphis May Fire – “Interstate Love Song” originally performed by Stone Temple Pilots – Again, not a huge difference from the original. Again heavier on the drums and an additional guitar solo. Doesn’t really stand out but then again the original never stood out either.

3. Asking Alexandria – “Closer” originally performed by Nine Inch Nails – solid, solid cover here. The guttural growls take the song from NIN’s haunting tune to an aggressive, kick in the face.

4. The Color Morale – “Everlong” originally performed by Foo Fighters – Meh. This was never a favorite song by the Foos and nothing spectacular here from The Color Morale.

5. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – “All Star” originally performed by Smash Mouth – this cover is actually better than the sugar coated pop song by Smash Mouth. You can definitely rock out to it.

6. Mayday Parade – “Comedown” originally performed by Bush – Mayday Parade had me hooked at the opening bass but then lost me. It’s neither here or there.

7. Motionless In White – “Du Hast” originally performed by Rammstein – This cover is the one I was anticipating to hear the most. I am a HUGE Rammstein fan and this cover was not a disappointment. MIW does this song supremely well, cranking up the already aggressive guitars from the original to eleven and making the song theirs. It is by far my favorite cover on the album and in the top 5 Rammstein covers I have heard.

8. Yellowcard – “Today” originally performed by The Smashing Pumpkins – The original song was brutal. The cover is brutal.

9. Hands Like Houses – “Torn” originally performed by Natalie Imbruglia – I prefer this version over the original. Hands Like Houses brings a little more oomph to the song than Natalie did.

10. The Ghost Inside – “Southtown” originally performed by P.O.D – I was never a huge P.O.D fan and this song is just okay.

11. Falling In Reverse – “Gangsta’s Paradise” originally performed by Coolio – Good effort on Falling In Reverse but doesn’t come close to Coolio’s version.

12. Ice Nine Kills – “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” originally performed by Green Day – Decent cover by Ice Nine Kills on a song that I despise.