WATCH: “Devour the Sun” by Our Last Enemy

We have to admit here at 16 Clefs that for this video we had to watch it twice. Once with our eyes partially covered because we were kind of creeped out by the video Sydney’s Our Last Enemy made for their single “Devour the Sun” and then once all the way through with eyes uncovered.

There was nothing too graphic or gory or over the top, but there was just enough to make us shiver with goosebumps. That’s the sign of a good video people. It brought us back to our younger years of watching videos by Slayer, Testament, and early Metallica. They just knew how to make you scared without knowing why. That’s how we felt watching “Devour the Sun.”

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If you have an overactive imagination like we do and would prefer not to psyche yourself out, listen to “Devour the Sun” below

Or just be brave and watch the video below by Our Last Enemy.