You Should Be Listening to The Acid

If you’re a music lover, The Acid is a reason you should read ever music blog/magazine you can. You never know what you may find and for us, we found The Acid.

Ry X, Adam Freeland, and Steve Nalepa is the trio that makes up The Acid and their debut album LIMINAL will be released in the States on iTunes on July 15th, but you if you can’t wait you can by the CD (click the link) or Double Vinyl (click the link).

What we like about The Acid is that their sound is so unique and fresh to us. It does not sound like any of the artists that are currently being played on radio. Yep, we said radio because radio still influences music listeners despite what people think.

If Thom Yorke could have a baby all on his own, then The Acid would be said baby. Born out of thin air with sounds that are so precise, so natural, so real yet almost alien to the human ear. For example, in the track “Fame” we think we hear that distinct sound only wooden wind chimes can make but doubt our ears in what they hear because let’s be honest, what band/artist now-a-days would go back in time to use something so natural when they could reconstruct it on the computer without ever leaving the comfort of indoors.

That’s how good The Acid is, but don’t take our word for it. Listen to their wonderful music for yourself below.

The Acid: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Website

If you like what you hear, support the band and but LIMINAL at the following links:
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