LISTEN: “What You Don’t Know” by Paperscissor

(c) Paperscissory
courtesy of Paperscissor

I stumbled onto Paperscissor via Twitter when I followed fellow Oklahoma band Broncho.

As I sat and listened to their ARTIFACTS EP, I completely forgot the band was from the US because their sound is so 80’s Brit pop infused. Throw pop, rock, electronica, punk and hit blend on the mixer and you’ve got the sound of Paperscissor.

I really dig the entire ARTIFACTS EP, and it was hard to choose one song to feature/write about but I went with the highly infectious (yes, I know I use that term a lot, but the song is infectious) tune “What You Don’t Know” and  it makes me want to dance around like I’ve got the starring roll in FOOTLOOSE.

If you’re not toe tapping, head bobbing, and shoulder shaking by the end of this song, I suggest you get your head checked!

Listen to “What You Don’t Know” below or watch the the official video for it. The video was directed by Tom Hudson at Delo Creative

Paperscissor: Facebook | Twitter | Website

Watch the official video for “What You Don’t Know”