NEW: “Brave Man” by Lanks

photo by Kristoffer Paulsen

We featured Lanks as our EARGASM and cannot get enough of him. If you didn’t listen to our EARGASM, click here and go listen, we’ll wait…seriously, go listen now…

Great right?

Yeah, we knew you’d like it.

Even though this Melbourne madman dropped his THOUSAND PIECE PUZZLE EP this year, he is giving us a brand spanking new single titled “Brave Man.” (Yeah, we thought it was very apropos for him as welll.)

“Brave Man” was mixed by Cam Trewin and the artwork for the single was created by Will Devereux.

Regarding “Brave Man”,  it “offers a more refined sound, contrasting atmospheric synths with percussive guitars, and glitchy electronic drums with his distinctly laconic, effortless vocals.”

Lanks will be playing live at Bigsound in early September with his 4-piece band with a tour to be announced later and “Brave Man” will be released digitally on Oct 3rd.

What we like so much about the song is that every time we listen to it we here something new…be it a drum beat, a guitar chord, a vocal note hit this way or that, and even right down hearing the lyrics in a different way. We are completely captivated with the musical mood and notes of this song and when you add the vocals in we are transported to another space and time. Just when we think we have heard it all in the song, something new pops up and that makes our musical soul happy.

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