LISTEN: “Two Hearts Break” by Bruno Merz

HIGHWAYS by Bruno Merz
HIGHWAYS by Bruno Merz

If you’re like me and looking forward to when it’s October 25th so you can add Bruno Merz‘s HIGHWAYS to your musical collection that day cannot get here any quicker, but until then, Bruno fans will have to be happy with the gift of his song  “Two Hearts Break” from his upcoming release HIGHWAYS.

“Two Hearts Break” is poetry in musical motion. It is heartbreakingly beautiful yet heartwarming. If you close your eyes and let the words paint images on the back of your eyelids, you can see the story of love unfold. It’s just an absolutely beautiful song of a memory of love and being in love.

Listen below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Pre-order HIGHWAYS on Amazon | iTunes. If you pre-order HIGHWAYS, you can get “Two Hearts Break” and “Into the Air” immediately.
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