Transparent – Amazon Prime

Last year Amazon debuted 6 or 8 different pilots, asked people to watch and vote on them. There were actually several that I really liked, but one stood out for acting, cast and subject matter. I was pleased to hear that it was turned into a full 10 episode series. Transparent, starring Jeffrey Tambour, Jay Duplass, Gaby Hoffman and Amy Landecker, debuted on Amazon Prime on September 26.  I am on episode 7 as I write this and I am already dreading the end.

There are so many layers to this show, but the main story line is the father, Jeffrey Tambour, comes out to his three adult children as transgender. Each one handles it a little differently, from the eldest daughter in the midst of her own life changing crisis who accepts almost immediately to the son who struggles to look his father in the eye.  Each child’s story is painful and sad but the whole show comes across so incredibly sweet I am in love with it.

Tambour is incredible in this role, conflicted, sad, proud of facing who he is, still father to his children, vulnerable and flawed.  The children come off as incredibly self-obsessed in the first episode but as you learn more about their lives and as they learn more about their father, they seem real and honest.  Bradley Whitford has a recurring guest role and is fantastic but the entire ensemble is incredible.  You can tell the actors treat the subject matter with reverence and tenderness.

I have laughed, I have cried, I have ached at the pain and the loneliness.  I love this show. It makes me want to hug my father and my brother.  Check out the trailer (click link or watch below) and then make sure you don’t miss this show.

Available now on Amazon Prime.  Don’t have Prime?  YOU SHOULD!  Free two day shipping, free streaming of thousands of movies and THIS SHOW.