What I Am Watching Tonight: Sunday

I watch a lot of TV and I will be honest, not all of it is great. Here is what I have scheduled for my night tonight.  Thank Goodness for the Dish Hopper – I can actually record ALL of this.  Yep, all of it.

The Good Wife -CBS – Last year was one of the strongest since the show started so hopefully they can maintain the momentum. While the basic law show part of each episode is always engaging, creative and interesting, the real draw for this show is the ongoing personal journeys of key characters.  Looks like Cary’s arrest will be a major arch this year and I hope that the other characters will not be overshadowed.

Revenge- ABC -There is TV that you watch because it inspires you and makes you think.  Then there are shows like Revenge, which are pure guilty pleasure.  I have watched this since the beginning and I am not sure why I keep it up, other than it is completely brainless and allows me to completely escape everything, even thinking. The major reveal at the end of last season was the reveal of Emily’s dad, the we-thought-you-were-dead/his-death-was-her-reason-for-being. I wonder where they are going to go, no wait, I really don’t care. I do like seeing how they makethe  filming location of Wilmington, NC look like the Hamptons of NY.

Resurrection -ABC -This is the second season of the show that asks “what would you do if deceased family members came back”.  Would you believe they are the same person?  How did they come back?  How can you be sure they are the same person?”  We still don’t know HOW or WHY they came back but it has been interesting seeing the different reactions.  Not everyone is happy and I am intrigued.  It’s not a great show, but I am interested in seeing how or if they explain it all.

Madame Secretary -CBS– I am not sure if I love Tea Leoni in this role and the whole concept of the show seems pretty unbelievable.  I have a three episode rule – I give a show 3 episodes to hook me and I am not sure how this one will do.  It doesn’t have the originality of other shows and it seems that the first two episodes have been very familiar storylines.  Not sure if this is a symptom of “Ripped from the headlines” or that it is just a tired show already.

Brooklyn Nine Nine -Fox– absolutely hilarious.  One of my favorites from last year, it is sweet and funny and filled with loveable characters. Missed the first season? Catch up here

Mulaney – Fox – I was on the fence about this until I saw Mulaney on The Tonight Show and he was genuinely very funny.  I will give it three episodes for sure.

Bar Rescue – Spike – Jon Taffer’s show is incredibly formulaic, but it is interesting to see the changes he makes and what he thinks is really important.  Also some of the people are absolutely horrible.  I am hoping this season highlights a bar in my area so I can see the after product.