Sunday Weekly Recap

This article contains spoilers!

Revenge – David Grayson is back but still in love with Victoria.  Blech.  I know that Victoria needs to be the villain to Emily’s revenge but I have become weary of her presence. David has read about the wreck that killed Amanda Clarke so thinks the only daughter he has left is the one he has with Victoria and decides he needs to meet her.  Well, Charlotte is not doing well and tries to kill herself. Emily steps in and confesses the Big Secret – she is actually Amanda and they share David Clark as a father.  Charlotte is pissed, even after Emily shows her “the box”.  Charlotte looks at Emily and says “you had a choice and you chose revenge over a relationship with me?”  Uh yeah, Relationship with Sister is a boring premise for a show.   In the mean time, David Clarke decides he needs to meet Charlotte but Victoria tells him that he cannot have a relationship with her until Emily Thorn is dealt with.  She is the reason Charlotte and Victoria do not have a relationship after all.  Well this could be a bonding moment as it turns out Charlotte and Victoria see eye to eye on this issue because Charlotte lures Emily to the bar, knocks her out and sets the bar on fire, walking out and telling people she was the only one in there.  Is Emily dead?  Oh of course not. It is only episode two of the season and the scene before that was Jack turning down drinks to go the bar to check on wiring.  But I am sure a little attempted murder is going to strain sibling relations.  It also seems pretty certain that Jack and Emily are going to end up together – the writers seem to be directing it that way.  Is that going to be the jump the shark moment?  Or did that happen a few years ago?

The Good Wife – This episode reminded me why I love this show.  It had it all; creative story telling, strong emotions, unique law situations and superior performances by the actors. Cary is out and he and Kalinda seem more on than off.  Alicia spent most of the episode saying she wasn’t running (for state’s attorney) but after a number of pretty epic guest star appearances including Gloria Steinem and Valerie Jarrett, along with being fed up with the general asshole and sliminess of the alternative choice, she walked into Eli’s office asking details if she were running.  I feel like this is a forgone conclusion, but am really worried how it will affect a possible relationship between her and Finn (the outstanding and super cute Matthew Goode).

Madam Secretary –  I am still annoyed with the un-originality of the plots. It’s as if someone said “I want to do a show and tell people how I would have handled all these crises.  Bengazi?  Check.  Snowden?  Check.”  They even say these things in the show. “So we have another Bengazi on our hands?”  Ugh. This week was the Snowden where we have a former high security clearanced CIA member who released emails outing how US makes fun of other diplomats.  Then he releases names of actual CIA operatives in the field.  Luckily (and by that I mean she saw how this worded with Snowden) Madam Secretary has already called in all the ops and all but one are saved.   That one op is taken into custody in Pakistan and sentenced to death in a matter of days.  She works with her husband who randomly has a high ranking Russian official try to bribe him to give his daughter an A, to broker a deal to have Russia give Pakistan a weapon in exchange for the CIA dude getting released and the Russian daughter getting a good grade in her ethics class.  Totally plausible.   I do like the inner workings and I like how not everyone is a fan of hers. This episode didn’t touch on the conspiracy surrounding her friend’s death and I can’t decide if that is a good thing or not if that goes away.  I like Tim Daly as her husband, and I like the scenes that show that she is having a hard time adjusting. So there is a lot I like, I just need some originality in the episode’s main crisis.

So what did you think of this Sunday’s offerings?   Should I give Madam Secretary one more episode or just figure it is going to get cancelled anyway?