Track of the Day: “Eat You Alive” by Emigrate

Emigrate Eat You Alive Single CoverWords cannot describe how excited I am to have this song/video in my life. Actually, to be honest, I am just happy to have new EMIGRATE in my life.

For those unfamiliar with EMIGRATE, the band is RICHARD KRUSPE of RAMMSTEIN‘s band. Not a solo project but another band. His words, not mine.

Those who aren’t familiar with RAMMSTEIN may think EMIGRATE is similar in sound, but they would be wrong. As a diehard fan of RAMMSTEIN, to me, the only thing that connects the two bands is the fact that Richard is in the band.

“Eat You Alive” is the first single from SILENT SO LONG (available Dec 9th | pre-order now) and features Frank Delle on guest vocals and is a great guitar, drum driven track. Frank’s rap compliments the sound of the song and when he and Richard battle it out in vocals, they compliment each other instead of conflicting with each other.

The release day for this album cannot come out soon enough!

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