Sunday Recap

Revenge – So David Clark is back but Victoria Grayson is keeping him away from Emily and pretty much everyone else.  David is still a loose cannon – do we trust him? Does he trust Victoria?  He feels for sure that there is something off and wonders who he can trust.  He finally meets with Nolan who doesn’t tell him about Emily, but just decides to be cryptic and tells David not to trust everyone.  Victoria meets with Emily and tells her that David will be ashamed at all that Emily has done in the name of revenge.You’d think after all these years that Emily would not be affected by Victoria, but she is a different person now that she knows her dad is alive.  Even Nolan invokes Aidan’s name and tells Emily that she is too close to this and if Aidan were here,, he would get her to see that she is not thinking.  So she backs off trying to meet her dad, instead getting Margeaux and Daniel Grayson to “give” the old house to David so he can feel close to home, while letting Emily be a bit closer to him.  The episode ends with David writing in his journal, saying he can feel Amanda and vows to seek revenge for all she had to endure.  See, everyone is better if you just tell the truth.

Madame Secretary – I still don’t love this show and it feels too contrived. This episode really pushed my willingness to buy into the concept and show.  This week we meet Mr. Secretary’s “favorite” professor, a priest,  who has been contacted by his niece who lives in Africa and has alerted him that a mass genocide is about to happen. Madame Secretary takes this to the president but while he agrees 50,000 people dying is sad, there is no political benefit to intervening. She is upset and later is given a “Be brave” pep talk from her daughter.  The next day she is giving a big speech and decides to be brave, goes off script and tells the world about this pending genocide, getting several countries to jump in and offer help.  She does not get fired and the president now thinks it is a great idea to help.  Uh huh.  THEN it turns out the priest has been helping traffic drugs. All other countries pull out and the US is alone, but the president is such a great guy, he OKs air support to help.  Uh huh.  Mr. Secretary confronts the priest about the drugs and in the most believable part of the show, the priest basically tells him that he does what he needs to do to get money in the region and that is how he was able to build a new school and help the community.  Of course the air support does not go well and the border is well patrolled, the US forces can’t get through as they are being paid off by the bad guys.  Mr. Secretary visits the priest and now asks to utilize his contacts with the bad guys to pay off the border patrol to let the US through.  He whips out a cell phone and everything is taken care of.  Madame Secretary doesn’t lose her job, Mr Secretary forgives the priest and all is well in the world.  I left this episode saying “oh come on” and wondering exactly how Tea Leoni does her hair to have hat gorgeous curl.  Is it a wig?  A curling iron?  When you spend most of the episode focusing on hair, they aren’t doing something right.

The Good Wife – This is a strong season but I find myself getting annoyed with the Cary storyline.  This week we see him at a Harvard mixer, getting drunk and hooking up with a random woman.  They take a cab home and meet his parole officer who is spot checking him.  The annoying girl he brought home makes it worse and turns out he has inadvertently left the state on the way home.  He is arrested. New terms for his bail are set and he now has to wear an ankle bracelet and cannot see Kalinda.  I don’t care.  Alicia is faced with being an atheist in a christian land.  She has an interview to do with a very religious person and has to find a way to say no, I don’t believe in God and not piss off lots of voters.  She meets with Grace for pointers and ends up telling the interviewer that she is “listening” when people talk about God.  I also don’t really care about this.  Diane is annoyed with the building falling apart so since she is the lease holder on the old building, they evict the old firm and move in to the old digs.  Diane takes her old office, Alicia gets Wills.  Cary is down the hall, which seems ridiculous since it was Alicia and Cary that created this firm.  I can see why Cary is pissed and feels like he is out in his own firm.  It’s a strong season, but this was not a strong episode.