Constantine: The Darkness Beneath Recap

ConstantineEPISODE: 2
TITLE: The Darkness Beneath
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: October 31, 2014

We apologize this recap is late. It was Halloween and we were out with the spooks and ghouls of reality…aka the drunks of Halloween or as I like to call people who only go out on holidays to drink. Amateurs.

* please stop reading if you do not want to be told what happens *

The episode opens with the death of a miner (Lannis) by a flash fire. Constantine tells Chas they’re headed to PA, but Chas reminds him he’s got an outstanding warrant in that state and cannot go with him to investigate the miner’s death or the other strange deaths of miners in the town.

While following the funeral procession, Constantine bumps into a woman carrying a sketch of him. As we are already well aware, this woman is Zed. She is almost shocked that Constantine is real and as she questions him about his existence, he disappears without her being able to follow him. Though, she did pick his pocket. (Score one in sass for Zed.)

Constantine talks to several miners who complain about a knocking in the mines. He travels to the mines an confirms that the miners are not hallucinating and are hearing something. It almost kills him, but he knows something is down there.

Posing as a reporter and goes to the funeral reception of Lannis. Constantine manages to take a sample of the sludge from the shower that killed Lannis and runs into Lannis’ wife. She confesses she was a Romani teen when she married Lannis. (All I could picture was an episode of crazy gypsies fighting in Gyspy Wives when she mentioned that.) She hits on Constantine but he refuses her advances and she has him of course beat up by the mine head honcho.

Back at his hotel, Constantine finds Zed there with his wallet. They exchange jabs. She stole his wallet, found out who he was. He broke into her apartment, finds out who she is. She tells him she receives visions, feelings, etc. Constantine of course disbelieves here but she grabs his his arm and tells him about the guilt and pain he holds. Constantine tests Zed and she sees Lannis death and a large cross. Constantine tells her she’s clairsentient (that’s a psychic who feels vs a psychic who hears or sees).

Constantine arrives at the cross Zed saw in her vision and summons the demon, confirming the town does have a problem. (Really, we knew that already.) Zed runs into the former town pastor while looking for Constantine (sorry, I can’t bring myself to call him John as all I hear is Rachel Griffiths’ voice from the movie and it annoys me). She returns to her apartment and find Constantine. He tells her that he knows she’s running and that the things she draws/paints are real. She seems okay with what he’s just said. An alarm sounds, ending their conversation and sending them to the coal mine where the mine has just collapsed. Constantine sees one of the managers of the coal mine head to his car and he follows. He jumps in his vehicle, they talk about how the demon will continue to take lives until they shut it down. The vehicle fills with the same stuff that washed over Lannis and hands from underneath the sludge pull the manager and Constantine under but Zed rescues Constantine from death.

Constantine tells Zed that the spirits are Coblynau, spirits of dead miners who are protective and passive and that they knock on quarry walls to warn of danger but that something or someone is bringing them to the surface. Someone powerful enough to conjure them. The duo head to an emergency town meeting and while there Constantine helps Zed channel the priest. Constantine thinks the priest is the source of the conjuring but the priest says you gotta have faith to do that and that he has none since his son lost his life in the coal mine. The priest also points out that the deaths above the ground were bosses of the miners not miners themselves. The duo head back to the mine and see one of they Coblynau choking the last boss. Constantine summons the demon away, blows up the mine and heads off to the conjurer.

Constantine arrives at Lannis’ house and tells his wife that he knows she conjured the Coblynau. Her telling him she was a Romani gypsy lead him to her. She conjures the Coblynau and to save his life, Constantine summons Lannis and in revenge kills his wife. (Until death do us part or bring back together right.)

Constantine returns to his hotel and find Zed. She refuses to leave. He’s too exhausted and tells her he just wants sleep.

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