Sunday Night Recap – Drama, Drama, Drama!

revengeRevenge – So Emily still hasn’t told David that she is his daughter and that blows up in a MAJOR way this week.  David reaches out to Nolan and asks him to be present for the big live interview that David is doing.  Nolan is touched obviously, and I was so happy for him to be acknowledged for how much he has done.  So they get to the interview and David calls up Nolan and totally accuses him of stealing Amanda’s money.  Because OF COURSE David has pulled Amanda’s bank records and can tell that she never got a huge lump sum of money, because of course EMILY got that money.  But Nolan stays loyal to Emily and doesn’t tell so basically looks like a thief and a traitor and pretty much a horrible person.  My heart broke for poor Nolan who does all the work and just gets shit on over and over again.  He leaves mid interview and heads home, but David shows up later and hits him.  Again, poor Nolan. Emily walks in and sees Nolan who is obviously mad at her.  I can’t believe she didn’t run after David (who was just leaving as she walked in) and tell him everything.But she had spent the day looking into her dear dad’s story and it is full of holes.  Now she is suspicious of why he is lying about being imprisoned.  In other annoying people news, Charlotte was kidnapped by someone we don’t know, who has a vendetta against David Clarke.  In self defense she kills him but calls Emily for help.  Ahhh sisterly bonding. David asks Victoria to move into the home with her, Charlotte heads to rehab but not before telling Daniel something about Emily…..we don’t know what  Did she tell him Emily is Amanda?  Soon everyone will know the “secret”.

The good wifeThe Good Wife – So Alicia is running but there are rumors that a well liked TV host is thinking about running so Alicia asks him for his nomination.  He won’t give it of course and after a lot of unnecessary scenes, he finally announces he is running.  At this point, I don’t care.  Carey is still in the hotseat and Finn tells Alicia there is more.  Turns out there was drug evidence that Cary had that has disappeared.  The DA thinks he stole it.  Thanks to Kalinda we find out that of course he didn’t Lemond Bishop’s dude (that wore the wire that started this mess) is actually the one who took the drugs.  He agrees to testify against Lemond if the DA drops Cary.  Finn agrees, but his boss won’t.  Finn realizes that the whole Cary thing really is about Alicia running for state’s attorney so he quits.  The next day Lemond Bishop’s dude dies in a car crash.  Uh huh.  So that is pretty much all that happened in that episode.  There is so much great chemistry between Alicia and Finn.  It’s too soon after Will for her to be dating, but wow, I’d like to see that.  They are great together.  Last week news broke that Kalinda is leaving the show and this makes me utterly sad and yet now I spend every episode looking for clues on how they are going to write her out…nothing this week.  I will keep you posted on my theories.

MSMadame Secretary – seriously I want her hair.  This week’s episode had her traveling to India where an earthquake struck and caused an American owned building (that was constructed at the less stringent Indian rules vs American standards) has sustained lots of damage and it now leaking toxic chemicals into the river where most people eat and bathe and the whole plant is burning.  India is pissed and won’t take US help until the company apologizes, the company said “hey we built to your standards, sorry ’bout your luck.”  Madame Secretary steps in and saves the day after her one staffer, they guy with the glasses (that is how invested I am in this show…I don’t know anyone’s names) rallies and comes up with the idea for MS to take responsibility that she did not research more.  This made everything better, in what seemed like one of the more realistic solutions the show has had.  The side story involved Mr. MS, who did not go to India so he could “work on his book”.  Well he eldest daughter sees him at a cafe with a very attractive young woman.  She confronts him and the dad says it is a research assistant.  The daughter doesn’t believe him and looks into his story.  Turns out he has not been going to the library like he says he has been, the staff hasn’t seen him in weeks.  Convinced her dad is cheating, the daughter ends up getting drunk at a bar where the glassed staffer and his booty call/co-worker are.  The booty call gal takes care of the daughter and the eventually tells MS that there is suspicion her husband is having an affair.  MS confronts Mr. MS who says no, of course not.  Turns out he is working for the NSA.  We don’t know why or what, but apparently he has done work for them before and they need him now.  So marital crisis adverted.  Phew.  I am still on the fence about this show.  It is good filler TV, nice to have on in the background while I am doing other things.  I won’t be upset if it gets cancelled, but will watch til it does.