Eargasm of the Week: “Wicked Ones” by Dorothy

I love that “Wicked Ones” by DOROTHY grabs you by balls (real or imaginary) and commands your attention. Hailing from LA, DOROTHY is the kind band that ninja kicks you in the teeth, but you still fall at their feet in adoration.

Vocalist, Dorothy, is a powerhouse on vocals. No offense to the super talented LIZZIE HALE (also a powerhouse on vocals), Dorothy’s vocals are full of grit, angst, blues, and tenacity that you either want to buy her a drink and hope she becomes your best friend because you’re scared or you just turned and ran because she intimidated the fuck out of you.

Backed by a band that has taken that harder edge of the 70’s rock and made it even gritter and dirtier and sexier than previous generations, you get a band that is infused with rock, blues, and well, awesomeness. Dorothy’s fellow rockers include Mark Jackson (guitar), Greg Cash (bass), and Zac Morris (drums).

Vocalist, Dorothy, a self-proclaimed introvert hides it well in the emotions of her vocals and songs. Listening to “Wicked Ones” you can just imagine the band busting through walls as if they were the Kool-Aid Man.

They’re just that awesome.

Listen below and let us know what you think.

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