Sunday Night Recap – Truth, Lies and Lies

Revenge- Finally Emily responds how I would think she would.  After finding evidence that David Clarke has actually been alive and stalking Amanda, she storms over to his place and confronts him, yelling “you could have come for me but you didn’t.”  David realizes that Emily is Amanda and hugs her, but Victoria is not happy about Emily revealing the truth so runs outside in the middle of a huge storm and touches the car that has a downed power line on it, knocking her unconscious.  David leaves Emily and runs outside, in what was a genuinely heartbreaking scene to watch.  She just told her father she was alive and he leaves her for Victoria.  Poor girl.  In other news Margeaux realizes that Daniel slept with the crazy rich girl with the horrible fake southern accent and breaks up with him.  Oh and Daniel knows that Emily is Amanda but wants to stay far away from it.  I doubt that will happen.

The Good Wife- I know this is sacrilegious, but I am sick of the Cary storyline.  I do care about Kalinda and have no idea what is going on with her and Bishop.  He asked her to plant a key card on her FBI girlfriend but she wouldn’t do it.  Does he have her killed?  Is that how they are writing her out?  I did read an article that talks about how she and Alicia hate each other in real life and can’t stand to be in the same scene.  I hadn’t noticed til I read it, but it is true!  This week any scene that had the two of them in it had one of them calling in to the meeting.  I think it is interesting, but reality is a bit distracting to my enjoyment of the show Alicia realizes that her image is important and there is such a thing as bad publicity.  This is such a good show and it is well acted.  The chemistry between Alicia and Finn is amazing. BUT I do not like the Cary storyline and I am not a fan of them being back in the old offices.  It seems too easy.  I love Diane, but different was good.