Constantine: A Feast of Friends Recap

TITLE: A Feast of Friends
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: November 14, 2014

My favorite episode so far. There were parts that were scary, touching, gross and funny. Manny’s eyes…still a distraction.

* please stop reading if you do not want to be told what happens *

The episode opens at an airport with Gary Lester (which we found out is an old friend of Constantine’s) being questioned by airport customs. See, the customs guy just thought the sweaty hot mess that was standing before him might be a bit sketch. He was right, but you don’t know if Gary is sweating because he’s being sketchy or if he’s trying to fight off the need for heroin. Another customs official questions Gary about what’s in the container he has brought with him. Gary begs him not to open it. (Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to a warning?) Customs dude goes all I’m a bad ass and opens the  container. Well, guess what, he unleashes a demon which surprisingly looks like a giant swarm of gross cockroaches.

John and Zed return to the mill house and find that someone has broken in. Guess who? Gary Lester. Constantine finds Gary floating in the zero gravity trap(Where do we get one of those?) that Jasper had set in case of a break in. Once out of the trap, Gary confesses that he went on an extremely long heroin bender and ended up in Sudan. While there, he saw a boy possessed and knew this was his salvation for not being able to help save Astra. He releases the demon from the boy and the not so bad ass custom official unleashed it.

The possessed custom official goes on a hunger spree, devouring anything he can get his hands on until the demon kills him. When he dies, the swarm of bugs fly out of him and to it’s next victim.

Constantine sees the news of a viral outbreak and heads to the scene of the crime. He tells Gary he can’t come because he’s already failed at keeping the demon contained. (Honestly that’s not Gary’s fault. That’s the dead customs guys fault. He should have listened to Gary.) Constantine identifies the demon as The Hunger Demon that is transmitted through the swarming bugs. It enters the victim, filling them with an insatiable hunger while eating the victim from the inside. Constantine tracks the demon to a meat packing facility (convenient) and finds a possessed worker who goes all backwards walking (crab walk from Exorcist, the wheel in yoga, whatever you call it, if you’re possessed, you do this and I always find it scary to watch) towards Constantine as he performs a spell to expel the demon from her. The demon fails to be captured in Constantine’s bottle and he flees, locking it in the meat locker while he figures out Plan B.

At the mill house, Zed touches Gary and she experiences Gary’s withdrawal and sees a vision of the boy that Gary helped draws it for Constantine. As she and Gary are trying to explain that they “touched” it just comes out all wrong and is one of the funnier scenes in the episode. Constantine goes to a local shaman who sees Zed’s drawing and tells Constantine that the demon is Mnemoth. The shaman and Constantine ingest a drug so they can see the same vision and they see that a Sudanese shaman trapped Mnemoth in a boy so they demon would eat itself to death. The boy escaped the village and Gary released it. (Oops Gary. Oops.) Constantine sees he’s got to find a kusa knife.

Gary wants to be a hero and grabs Zed giving her what it feels like to be high on heroin. Essentially overdosing her on his high, he leaves her on the floor. Constantine arrives and finds Zed and she tells him Gary meant no harm and he tells her otherwise. He tells Zed as he’s leaving to go find Gary that you go where junkies always go. Searching for the next score. Constantine finds Gary getting his butt kicked by two dealers. He rescues Gary and at a bar the two talk about their guilt over Astra and Constantine asks Gary to help him catch Mnemoth.

Before breaking into a museum that holds a kusa knife, Manny shows up and asks Constantine if he has the cajones to go through with what he has planned and Constantine says yes. As Gary steals the knife, Constantine has put the security guard under a dancing spell and tells Gary that when the music (alarm) stops, the guard will be just fine. (Hilarious scene.) The two head off to a theater to catch Mnemoth. Constantine tells Gary the only way to catch Mnemoth is a human sacrifice. Gary is angered that Constantine didn’t tell him this before, feels betrayed and manipulated, but ultimately agrees to the plan. Constantine summons the demon into Gary and then carves the symbols that were on the boy’s face onto Gary’s and traps the demon in side. Constantine and dying Gary arrive back at the mill house. Zed of course is upset that Constantine betrayed his friend and he tells her it was Gary that came to him for help. He reminds her that people die around him and if she can’t deal with it, to leave. She stays and helps him carry Gary inside.

In what is probably the most touching and heartbreaking moment for me, the episode ends with Gary screaming in pain as the demon devours him with Constantine holding his hand and Manny kneeling in front of him.

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