Sunday Night Recap – Lies, Betrayals and Murder!

 The episode starts with David Clarke giving Victoria CPR while Emily watches, not calling 911.  David comforts her after the fact and tells him she shouldn’t worry about not calling, she was probably just in shock.  Oh David.  She fills him in, telling him she was CHOOSING not to save Victoria.  She begs him to stay with her and talk but he jumps in the ambulance with Victoria.  Emily does go to the hospital and is able to tell him a little about what she has been doing in his name. He is shocked, saying he wanted her to forgive those people in his journal, NOT seek Revenge.  oops.  She promises to let her daddy take care of her and leaves on not a good note, but as she is leaving walks by his car and notices the same “hitman” pictures, so goes back to the hospital room just as David is getting attached. Of course she kicks ass and he is floored at what she is capable of doing.  She leaves and David has newfound respect for her. Elsewhere, Nolan is making friends with crazy psycho, even as Margeaux tells him crazy is crazy.  But Nolan sees all the pictures that Crazy has photo shopped Victoria into and realizes he was wrong about her.  Crazy unsuccessfully tries to seduce Daniel and continues to talk to herself/mom in public.  At the end, Nolan and Emily are talking and Emily swears she is staying out of David’s life and letting him take care of things, and then walks into a secret room where one of David’s attackers is being held captive.  hmmmmm

The good wifeMore Cary drama this week when the FBI, in the form of Kalinda’s girlfriend,  tells Cary that they have a recording of Lemont ordering a hit on Cary.  He is pissed she is the one who told him and basically doesn’t think any more about it.  But as he heads home he realizes he is freaked out and keeps imagining getting killed.  Kalinda arranges a body guard for him, so imagine LeMont’s surprise when he sees Cary with a bodyguard.  Of course he thinks Cary has flipped so Cary goes to his house to get things straight.  Is LeMont going to kill him?  Well turns out he did say that, but “you know you say things you don’t mean?”  Well, no, not when it comes to killing someone!  In political news, Alicia is still trying to keep a clean campaign and her major contender actually delivers a box of “bad intel” on her.  She opens it and of course sees Peter has been sleeping with his new law counsel….and old friend.  Alicia is upset and goes to see Finn awkwardly sits down next to him and WANTS to kiss him, but of course people walk by, she gets up and walks out.  She then confronts Peter and tells him to stop sleeping with her, not because she cares, but because people KNOW and that will be bad for both of them.  So basically, she will never sleep with Finn even though they have crazy chemistry and both want to.  I am upset by this fact.  So another week goes by where I wonder how they are going to write off Kalinda and how the rest of the firm feels about Alicia always doing election stuff now.

MS Another week of hair envy.  Grr.  This episode really delved into the assassination of the former SSOS.  Madame S figures out a way that the plane could have been tampered with that the NTSB would not have noticed.  She tracks down the one person who did it, confronts him and he confesses.  So now she knows she is right, SSoS was murdered. After being told by glassed-staffer that he was spying on the SSoS, and the president knew that the SSoS was planning to run against the president at the next election, Madame Secretary realizes that she was appointed by the president because she is loyal and he was expecting her never to question him.  Yep, the President ordered the hit against the former SSoS.  The last scene is her walking into the situation room while the president greets her in his normal folksy way, while she stares at him.  How does she go on knowing this piece of info?  Is she in danger?  How does she get her hair to have such curl and body?