Sunday Night Recap – When did “Winter Finale” become a thing?

It has always bewildered me that they put shows on hiatus the weeks where people are off work and have nothing to do but sit around and watch TV.  Now they call it the “Winter Finale”.  Not sure when that happened, but they now celebrate these finales with the gusto of May finales, many with cliff hangers.  Revenge’s winter finale was last weekend, so this week’s review is only two shows.

The good wifeThe Good Wife – these episodes are becoming two very different story lines; Cary’s and Alicia’s.  This was the worst so far, with very little connection between the two.  In what seemed like a completely ridiculous thing to happen, Alicia wrote a note to Grace’s teacher, threatening to stab her.  It was a joke, but Grace took it to school and showed it to her teacher as an example of satire.  the teacher told the principal and they called Alicia.  This just seemed ludicrous to me. Who does that in the first place, and both Alicia and Grace know better for sure.  Turns out the teacher just wants something from Alicia and while she says no, Eli gets Peter to give the teacher what she wants and the teacher backs down.  Sure this sets up the “Peter intervenes even when Alicia says no” struggle that I am sure will play out once she gets elected, but the death threat seemed ridiculous.  In Cary’s story, Kalinda threatens Bishop, who doesn’t appreciate that, and screws over Cary, insuring he has to plead guilty.  The last scene is Cary saying “I plead Guilty”.  So does he go to jail now?  Is any law actually being done by this law firm? Is Kalinda going to get killed by Bishop?  Will this show get back to being good?

MSMadame Secretary – I still can’t decide if I like this show or if it is just tedious.  This week was tedious and really the only thing that happened is the glassed guy tells the girl he has been sleeping with’s fiance that he has been sleeping with her.  Fiance breaks up with her and glass dude tells the girls “You deserve someone to fight for you.  He didn’t fight.”  Ummm…the girl is cheating on him.  He is smart to walk away.  Glass dude should have looked at the fiance and said “you deserve someone who doesn’t cheat on you.”  But glass dude and the girl end up making out of course.  In other news, MS tells her daughter that years ago she was responsible for ordering the torture of an Iraqi man who killed many.  The daughter is pissed, feeling betrayed the mom could do that and then come home and make dinner.  I guess this is realistic but what did she think her mom did?  I really liked the “who killed the old SoS” story line and hope they get back to that soon.

So now I am doomed to reruns and movies until January.  That seems like such a long time away from my couch.