Sunday Recap – THANK GOD TV IS BACK!

Ahhhh TV is back!

Revenge – When we last saw Revenge, Emily had just figured out the hot FBI agent was actually not only working for Malcolm Black,  the guy who was trying to kill her dad, but was Malcolm Black’s daughter.  Emily confronted FBI lady, who tried to kill her until Daniel steps in and gets himself killed.  David Clarke, Victoria and Jack Porter were all close by so run over when they hear the gunshot.  They all decide that it is too risky to let Malcolm Black know his daughter was just killed so they decide to say Daniel attacked Emily.  So the rest of the episode was Victoria whining about how her son died with people thinking he was evil, Emily defending her self defense and Margeaux sure that Daniel was not angry, would not have attacked Emily and he was super happy to be a dad.  We did meet Malcolm Black at the end of the episode and they are clearly trying to make him the new bad guy.   Honestly, I don’t know how much longer I can keep watching this show.  I will be surprised if it gets renewed next year.  I have a feeling the writers really don’t want to continue.  How much more ridiculous can it get?!

Madame Secretary – I have really been intrigued by the “who killed the old SoS” plotline.  This episode did not mention it at all. AND her hair looked like crap, not the pretty, curly, filled with body hair that I have crushed on. Meh.  Instead it is MS and her husband’s anniversary so they decide to go out of town which of course means all hell breaks loose.  Of course she comes back early from the trip and saves the day.  I wonder if the Secretary of State really is the hero of all things in America.  I wonder if I will keep watching the show.  I wonder when they will go back to the interesting stuff.  I wonder.

The Good Wife – So Cary is set to go to jail for 4 years.  They hire a prison consultant and Kalinda tries to find him a white ally in jail, but as she is talking to a contact, it slips that the drugs that Cary was convicted of trying to IMPORT were actually already in the US and the rest of the people were convicted of EXPORTING to Canada.  So they start rushing to see if they can prove this so Cary will be released.  The Canadian officer sent an email telling about the drugs but it was never read. So Kalinda decides to tamper with the computer and say that it was read.  Even though different proof comes in later that would have cleared him, they use Kalinda’s false proof.  Oops.  Cary is released and now I wonder if that is how they are going to write out Kalinda.  Will she be caught and go to jail or run like Cary was thinking of doing?  So now Cary is out and thank god, because I was getting sick of all that.  I hope he eats a sandwich though, because he has gotten too skinny.