TRACK OF THE DAY: “Two Birthdays” by Maybe the Moon

Bay Area duo, MAYBE THE MOON recently released their debut single “Two Birthdays” for FREE via Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

MAYBE THE MOON is vocalist/keys, KARMEN KIMBALL, and guitarist/keys, ALEX LASNER. The duo met on the day the Mayan calendar predicted the world was to end(12/12/12) spoke of their mutual love of BRYAN FERRY and ROXY MUSIC. A few weeks later, the duo were engaged and have been working in the studio to release singles over the course of 2015.

And who says love doesn’t inspire!

From Alex, “The single “Two Birthdays” is about unrequited love, and an undying obsession with a lost relationship. Year after year, the main character makes the same birthday wish, to reconnect with her ex-lover, yet each time, it never comes to fruition.”

Obviously, this unrequited love story is not the story of MAYBE THE MOON, but the song is poetic and so sad yet hopeful. For those who have experienced unrequited love or even that “what if I had done things differently” moment, this song will tug at the heart strings.

MAYBE THE MOON: Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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