EARGASM OF THE WEEK: “Jennifer” by Sleeping Wolf

If we’re being completely honest, we had a terrible, terrible time deciding on which track by SLEEPING WOLF to actually feature as our EARGASM OF THE WEEK.

Ultimately, we decided to pick the song that made us go investigate exactly who the band was and that was their fantastic and catchy tune Jennifer”. As fans of 80’s music, this song felt nostalgic to us and transported us to the time where we were singing songs in our hairbrushes while in front of the mirror. This would have been the song that made us want to change our name to Jennifer because we would want to be THAT GIRL in THAT SONG“Jennifer” is such a fun song. Once you hear it, it truly becomes a delectable earworm that you’re not opposed to getting stuck in your head all day.

Yep, it’s just that damn good.
So good, we want to own every song by SLEEPING WOLF on our iPod immediately.

SLEEPING WOLF is Los Angeles based producer STEVEN SOLOMON and artist JAKE NEWTON. The duo began writing together in 2014 and within 6 months they had an entire album’s worth of music and were placing songs in major motion films (MISSION BLUE and YOU’RE NOT YOU).

Their first EP is scheduled to be released sometime in 2015 and they’ll be playing their first live show on February 18th at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles.

SLEEPING WOLF: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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