Justified Episode Recap: Noblesse Oblige

oblesseAnother incredible episode begins with Ava and Boyd where we last saw them, in the bar, now drunk, reminiscing about their past.  Ava gets paged to meet Raylan and shows up drunk but she chooses a bad time since Vasquez and Rachel are there to stress that Ava needs to actually provide some information on Boyd.  Meanwhile a hungover Boyd is trying to enjoy a greasy hamburger when Ty Walker comes in and formally meets Boyd.  The exchange is hilarious, with Boyd telling Walker “Damn, son, you like to talk as much as I do.”  But since Walker now knows what Boyd’s crew looks like, they can no longer sneak into the pizza place and get intel about the safe, so they send the next best thing, Ava.  She takes advantage of her beauty and sneaks to look around and take some pictures of the safe.  Choo Choo catches her and is instantly smitten with her but Walker catches her and very nicely makes her leave.

Ava and Boyd meet Avery and Katherine and Avery (Sam Elliott looks soooo strange without a mustache) basically tells Ava that as a woman she needs to be a little bolder than men.  They are at the table where Ava killed her husband so maybe this is more foreshadowing of a Raylan – Ava- Boyd ending.  So Boyd now knows that he wasn’t stealing from a local yahoo, but from a major business man.  Of course it is Boyd so he is not deterred, if anything inspired.

I still don’t know how Ava really feels and go back and forth thinking she is playing Raylan and still in love with Boyd or that she knows selling out Boyd is her only future.

We also learn in this episode that Boyd is getting explosives, and we learn a little more about Raylan’s childhood and that he used to dig for coal. There is a great scene about what fathers will do for their children and we get the sense that Raylan is trying to figure out what being a father means to him.  He didn’t have a great role model.

The episode ends with Boyd trying to figure out what side Ava is on.  She invites him to bed  to show him.  He seems convinced, at least for the moment.

Such a great season. Such a great show.  I am already mourning the end of this incredible series.