Justified Episode Recap: The Trash and the Snake

trash 2Wow this is one of the best episodes in possibly the series. It is one of those episodes that I want everyone I know to watch so we can discuss.  It is smart, funny and intelligently brings back characters from previous seasons without seeming gimmicky.

The episode begins with Boyd and Ava together and it seems that Ava is all in.  Boyd has an appointment with Duffy so leaves Ava, who promptly meets Raylan in the stairway, where she asks him what it feels like to have someone’s life in his hands.  She heads back to the hotel room and is surprised by Katherine Hale who wants to meet for lunch. Katherine is scary, really scary and you can tell Ava is scared and worried.  Katherine seems to know a lot about Ava and isn’t afraid to let that be known.  After they spend a day together robbing a local jewelry store, Ava heads back to her room but not before Katherine suddenly mentions how strange it was that the guard that alleged that Ava attacked him suddenly changed his story, releasing Ava from jail.  Ava freaks out, calls Raylan and says she has to leave.  Boyd walks in before she can make plans for Raylan to come get her.

Boyd has spent the day with Duffy, figuring out how to break into the safe that is in the pizza place.  They contact a local safe expert, (played with a perfect amount of crazed genius by Jake Busey) who has a duplicate safe to practice breaking into.  Busey takes everyone’s phones and goes about dismantling the safe. A phone rings, a crazed Busey says “I told you to keep the phones in the car” and BOOM, the safe, and Busey, explodes.  It was shocking and hilarious and all Justified.

Raylan and Tim spend the day investigating Markham’s business dealings and find that offers are made on properties and if not accepted, a second offer is made.  If that offer is not accepted, the homeowner mysteriously dies.  Turns out pot is about to become legal in Kentucky and Markham is buying up the best farming land so he can be prepared and take over the market.  Raylan and Tim go to prison and talk to Dickie, played to perfection by Jeremy Davies.  They learn that Dickie has sold his land to Loretta….ahh little Loretta, who at that moment is talking to Walker and not accepting his offer.  Raylan and Tim head to Loretta’s and after a fantastic show down, Walker calls in Markham. It’s the first time Markham and Raylan have actually met and it was well worth the wait.   Raylan is still protective of Loretta who is growing up and has decided she wants a hand in the pot business and doesn’t need a father.

So we now know the reason Markham is buying up land for an impending legal pot business. Boyd also knows this know and is excited to tell Ava, who is still scared about Katherine threatening her. She is about to tell Boyd….something….and he interrupts her to tell her the grand plan is now to stay in Harlan, to take over the pot business.  He is giddy and she is fighting back tears.  She is tortured, scared and fighting like hell to keep it all together.  It is heart breaking to watch.

I am most surprised at how much I am drawn into Ava’s storyline. Joelle Carter’s acting is Emmy deserving, as she moves through so many emotions flawlessly.  I am scared for her, worried for her, wondering what she is going to do, if she is going to turn on Boyd or Raylan.

I know I have said it before, but this show is perfection, and this episode in particular was splendid.