Track of the Day: “I Get Around” by Adelitas Way

I have no problem everyone needs more rock and roll in their lives. Not the bubble gum pop rock and roll radio calls rock and roll, but just good ol’ straight forward rock. Rock that made the 70’s come alive with the sounds of LED ZEPPELIN, THE ROLLING STONES, BLACK SABBATH, and so on..

What I have always dug about ADELITAS WAY is they claim nothing they are not. They have stated from the get go, they are a rock band and they haven’t deviated it from it. They’re one of the bands that consistently put out solid rock albums. Their self titled album had the radio smash “Invincible”. You couldn’t escape hearing it on rock radio, but it was one of those songs that instead of tuning out, you turned it up and you turned it up to 11. Their sophomore follow up HOME SCHOOL VALEDICTORIAN had radio hits “Sick” (my favorite track from the album), “Criticize”, “The Collapse,” and “Alive” and all of the songs landed in the top 5 on the rock chairs with two of them landing number one. STUCK, AW’s third album had the hit “Dog on a Leash” which landed the band in the charts once again. ADELITAS WAY recently set up a fan funded/crowd funded album on Pledge Music for their fourth studio release and recently released the first single “I Get Around” from their 5 song EP, DESERVE THIS.

“I Get Around” is a straight up rock and roll song. Great rhythms, crunchy guitars, and honest and raw vocals. Nothing flashy needed except volume turned to 11.

I don’t have to say how good the song is because you can hear it and the song tells you itself how good the song is. Sometimes you have to explain whey a band is good, but with ADELITAS WAY, you listen and you immediately know.

Listen to “I Get Around” below and you’ll immediately know why it’s the track of the day. It’s just freaking good.