Episode Recap: Justified – The Hunt (S6 Ep7)

Boyd ava After Limehouse told Boyd that Ava was lying to him, we knew something was going to happen, and happen it did.  Boyd takes Ava on a “vacation” up to his family cabin in the woods.  When they get there the subject of marriage comes up and that Ava thought her first husband was nice and normal and he snapped and got crazy violent after marriage.  Will Boyd be the same way?  He takes her by the neck and slams her against the wall, hard enough she bruises, but she is able to kiss him and stalls a fight.  The next day they go hunting but you can’t really tell if Boyd is hunting a hog or Ava.  He finally gets her to break down and tell him she is a snitch, working for Raylan, because after Boyd left her in jail last year, she HAD to do something.  He feels responsible and they decide that they love each other so will use Ava’s connection to Raylan for their benefit, steal Markham’s money and live happily ever after.

Meanwhile, Raylan’s baby-momma and baby have cone up from Miami.  He actually takes time off work to be with her and they decide that they are going to give their relationship a try, and Winona says she doesn’t care where that is – in Harlan or Miami.  They have an argument, the entire time the baby is screaming.  It is one reason why I like this show…it seems real.  How many times do you watch a show where the children are perfect?  This is not that show.

Walker is still on the run from last week’s shoot out but is smart so gives some kids on a road trip his credit cards so it looks like he is leaving the state  He knows that Markham is not going to help but he is scrappy so will fight til the end. He calls 911, very violently kills the drivers and removes the bullet from his shoulder.

This episode certainly sets some things in motion and I am glad Ava came clean to Boyd, but it was one of the slower episodes for me.  I just didn’t think killing Ava was an option, no matter what she did to Boyd.  They did a great job building suspense but I never really thought he was going to kill her.  Even great shows can have just OK episodes.