Justified Episode Recap: Catching Up

boyd ballardI have 3 episodes to catch up on so this is going to be a general summary.  This season has just turned out to be way more explosive than I thought. And to be honest, I never saw this coming.  So in Trust, Boyd successfully steals Markham’s money and while he is celebrating with Ava, SHE SHOOTS HIM, steals the money and leaves.  NEVER did I see that coming.  Of course Raylan was there, but instead of shooting her, he lets her go.  Maybe I should have seen it once Ava realized Boyd killed Dewey, but nope.  But shooting Boyd?  Craziness.

So Ava is on the run and boots Boyd for Fugitive Number One.  Turns out she is with her crazy Uncle Zachariah, meh, running to the mountains to try to implement the plan Boyd originally came up with.  Meanwhile, Katherine knows that Wynn is the rat and that Mikey is holding his hostage, pissed that Wynn ignored the “code”.  Markham tells Katherine he will handle Duffy, but she is pissed Duffy killed her husband, so decides to take matters into her own hands.  She goes to kill Duffy but at the last minute, Mikey has a change of heart and tries to save Duffy, getting shot but saving Duffy.  MikeyIt was one of the sweetest, saddest most violent scenes ever on Justified.  It was so heart breaking to have Mikey ask Wynn to just hold him.  Ugh.  So good.  So sad.   Katherine is dead.  Mikey’s dead.  Wynn is still alive though.  Markham now has revenge on his mind.  Boyd escapes the hospital and takes off to find Ava.

But Ava has found the mountain house but the man who was going to help move the money is long dead.  Zackariah wants to camp out by Ava is in a panic, knowing Boyd is coming to kill her.  Raylan has been told to stand down on the hunt for Raylan so he turns his badge in and goes rogue!   Ava take the money and runs, literally and is stopped by Bob, who has come to help Raylan.  But meanwhile, Boyd has arrived in the mountains as well  and shoots Bob!   Ava escapes and heads off but is quickly captured by Markham’s men.  So it comes down to Raylan and Boyd in the woods.  This part was so interesting to me because this show has always been the good guy against the bad guy, but now Raylan isn’t all that good anymore.  In fact, Boyd tells him Bob has been shot and asks Raylan if he is going to go help him.  Raylan says no and Boyd answers “Well hell Raylan, I’ve already won.”  But Raylan does end up saving Bob and in the process, is arrested!

RAYLANThere is only one more episode left.  Boyd is in the mountains.  Raylan has been arrested.  Ava and the money has been captured.  I have no idea how they are going to tie it all together and wrap it up. And the big question – who makes it out alive?  Raylan gave away his house in this episode, Boon wants a showdown with Raylan and has proven himself to be a quick shot.  Will Raylan make it out of Harlan county?  Will Boyd risk his life to save Ava? And what role does Loretta have in the future? Will she team up with Markham to pot-anize Kentucky or will Markham be hell bent on revenge for Katherine’s death? I have no idea.

But wow do I love this show.