LISTEN: My Own Mystery by LANKS featuring Ngaiire

I have been a fan of LANKS for a while and have enjoyed following his musical career while I was living in the States. When I moved to Australia, I was able to share a couple of beers with LANKS in Melbourne and he is as gracious and nice in person as he appears on his social media channels. His passion for creating and music is real, vibrant, and inspiring and his collaborative work is just as amazing as his solo work.

Five months or so ago, he released a great track called “Comfortable”, but this month, he gifts us an infectious little diddy that has one head bopping and grooving along to the beat of the song.

The song is called “My Own Mystery” featuring Ngaiire. I’ve spent the last 4 days listening to this track and I must say, with each listen, I fall more in love with this song. At first, not hearing the ethereal soul stealing electronic sounds I’m use to hearing from LANKS threw me askew, but as I listened to “My Own Mystery” more, I realized it was all still there. LANKS’ sound had just evolved.

Some bands evolve and fail, trying to be something they are not or trying a format or template that is that not them or doing something they are not comfortable with. As LANKS evolves, you know whatever he’s inspired by at that moment is not something that is fake. He has thrown himself into what has inspired him and has mastered it. He is in it to win it.

And with “My Own Mystery”, LANKS wins it. The music is an ode to R&B via electronic soul and his voice along with Ngaiire is perfect pairing of emotions of two souls who love and care for each other but are apart. The lyrics, they capture that emotion of a person who respects the other and though needing them realize it’s okay to do something on their own.

LANKS stated on Facebook: “I wrote this song in the weeks after our trip when I missed her and needed her guidance and feedback on my album.”

I’m glad his missing of his girl created this stunning song and glad he shared his soulful and thoughtful emotions with the world. It is a wonderful tribute to his partner and their relationship and we are all better for having experienced for a moment a love like theirs through lyric and music.


FEB 23 – Hudson Ballroom – Sydney, Australia
MAR 15 – Howler – Brunswick, Australia
MAR 17 – The Milk Factory – South Brisbane, Australia

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“My Own Mystery”
co-produced by LANKS/Andrei Eremin
mixed/mastered by Andrei Eremin
photo by Michelle Grace Hunder