LISTEN: Be My Girl by Wave & Rome

It’s the beginning of summer here in beautiful Sydney, Australia and Wave & Rome‘s “Be My Girl” is the perfect sound to the start of summer.

Based in Nashville, TN there is not one ounce of “country” sound in Wave & Rome. They are pure infectious indie alternative with a dash of sweet sugary pop mixed in.

I don’t say that with sarcasm or any undertone whatsoever. I am a sucker for a fun, forget about your worries, drive with the top down, and bask in the sun song.

And this song is every bit of the above.

A catchy confession of summer love (or love in general), this is the perfect song to spend days in the wild surf at Bondi Beach as you try to stay cool in that hot Australian summer sun.

Listen and fall in love with the sound of summer now.

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