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LISTEN: Passing Out by Strand of Oaks

Have you ever heard or listened to song and think to yourself, when did X artist release this song only to check and realize it wasn’t the artist that you were thinking about?

Just me? Oh well.

I was listening to an artist’s collection on Soundcloud and just like Spotify, they’ll play music similar to the artist or music they think you might like.

While listening to “Passing Out” by Tim Showalter aka STRAND OF OAKS, I would have bet my life it was an unreleased early Ryan Adams track. I spent an hour on the internet listening to everything by STRAND OF OAKS because there was no way the emotional melodic sound of “Passing Out” was coming out of a long hair and bearded tattooed human that looked as if he belonged in a metal band vs singing Ryan Adam-esque tracks.

“Passing Out” is from the forthcoming HARDER LOVE album (available on January 19, 2018 on Dead Oceans) and don’t let the exterior of STRAND OF OAKS turn you away from listening to his music.

In other words, don’t judge a book by its cover.

One could consider “Passing Out” a confession of one who is about to lose or has lost someone close to them and a reflection of moments with them. That’s how this writer interprets the lyrics.

I may not be able to be definitive on the meaning of the lyrics but I can be definitive saying that “Passing Out” is a melodic filled rocker that showcases Tim Showalter’s writing talent and voice. His voice soothes and beautifully harmonizes with the music. It is a music marriage of perfection.

Listen to “PASSING OUT”


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