LISTEN: Stand Up by Glen Perkins

I am more of a rock-n-roll girl, but I have been a fan of GLEN PERKINS‘ music since I had the joy of meeting him. Though I don’t automatically lean towards pop music or r-n-b music, if Glen is behind it, I will listen because Glen knows how to do catchy.

He’s just got a natural talent for it and it shines through in this track.

The Virginia Beach (VA), native gives us an easy, feel good, head bopping track. You find yourself swaggering back and forth, addicted to the beat. Since this writer is in Australia, it’s a great track to listen to as the summer sun sets.

Listen to “Stand Up” now.

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Produced by Glen Perkins aka Perkaderk
Written by Glen Perkins, Joe “Cozan” Rowe, Derick “Diji” Allen