LISTEN: Walk Away by Xavier Rudd

From the forthcoming album STORM BOY (not release date available), XAVIER RUDD has released the anticipated single “WALK AWAY” to tease fans and announce tour dates.Xavier-rudd-walk-away-art

From Xavier’s site: “It is a song that can simultaneously mirror the certitude of our life or give us respite from it.”

As a long time fan, this song is signature XAVIER RUDD: an encouragement to live one’s life drenched in words that are inspired by him seeing the world.

In his music, seeing the world through his eyes is seeing the world with compassion and the need for positive change. In seeing the world through his eyes, Xavier’s words are the mental pep talk we should all give ourselves…Sometimes you have to just have faith the Universe will be there for you when you have nothing or everything.

The message is simple: “walk away from all that you know and hold your own…”

If “WALK AWAY” is any indication of what magic STORM BOY is bringing, it will be the heart of a man who believes in the magic and creation of the Universe and in the heritage of those ancestors who held the same respect for the magic and creation. We cannot wait.

Listen to “WALK AWAY”

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