LISTEN: Run Rabbit Run by Matthew Ryan

The prolific, MATTHEW RYAN, announced today that he was releasing a 12 track collection of acoustic versions of songs, unreleased demos, and so on called STARLINGS UNADORNED on March 7, 2018.

Matthew says STARLINGS UNADORNED is a collection of cinematic acoustic versions of songs from HUSTLE UP STARLINGS. STARLINGS UNADORNED also contains some songs and demos that had yet to find a home. They just felt right here and seemed to expand the story. I hope you enjoy that little peek into my demoing process.”

“RUN RABBIT RUN” is one of our favorites from HUSTLE UP STARLINGS and to hear it stripped down is beautiful and quite frankly, poetic.

Instead of waxing on and on why it’s amazing, just listen.

If you haven’t hit play yet, do yourself a favor and do so then go to Bandcamp and immediately pre-order the album. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t add this to your music collection.

We are big supporters of MATTHEW RYAN and his music and cannot wait until March 7th for the full release. If it’s anything like the acoustic version of DEAR LOVER, our ears are in for some damn good aural pleasure.

The release of STARLINGS UNADORNED will help Matthew and his band tour with THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM in the UK and Europe this summer. As a fully independent artist and band, they don’t have a label to throw money behind them as other label bound artists might have. You can guarantee every penny you pour into supporting Matthew does in turn support him, the band, and allow them to create more music and art.

Matthew and crew set the price for STARLINGS UNADORNED at $10 or Pay More If You Want and says this, For people to actually pay for music these days (which so many of you reading this do…) is an act of love. But please don’t feel you have to pay more than $10. It’s simply a way for you to contribute more if you feel compelled to.”

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STARLINGS UNADORNED was Mastered by Hans DeKline Mastering.
The cover art was created and designed by Joe Maiocco.