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LISTEN: Perfect by Ethan Hanna

When someone says an artist sounds “X” or “XY” or even “XYZ”, there’s a little part of me that cringes inside. Especially if the referenced artist(s) are iconic. If you tell me someone sounds like Peter Gabriel and when I listen it’s the next Justin Bieber, I know you have absolute no idea what you’re talking about.


If MATTHEW, BRIAN and BRUCE, had a ménage à trois and had an offspring, it would be ETHAN HANNA.

From the forthcoming album WELCOME TO THE BATLANDS, comes “Perfect“.

As the initial opening strums of a guitar seduces you in, you are soon hit full force with rock and this is where Ethan starts shines.

While Ethan may be Irish, he dazzles in the “Americana” that THE BOSS was a trailblazer for. You can hear in his voice and lyrics, the distinct impression one New Jersey native had on him. Fans of MATTHEW will appreciate the husky raw emotion that Ethan brings Ethan Hanna Empireto “Perfect” like Matthew has done in his songs like “Chrome”, “American Dirt” and “Battle Born”.

“Perfect” is a song that every person, no matter the age, can understand. We have been on the edge of “I don’t want to be perfect” and on the edge of “I do want to be perfect.” We have all been Ethan, observing, and we have all been the muse, rebelling and finding our way.

Just as influenced by Springsteen and Ryan, the influence of BRIAN appears in the music. Bringing the holy trifecta of prolific American artists into full circle is the upbeat, catchy, toe-tapping backdrop that showcases Ethan’s voice to near perfection. (Pun intended)

Whether “Perfect” is being played in a smokey bar over a glass of whisky or on the open road from a ragtop that is barreling down the highway, it should be played loud and often. Listen and fall in love below.

The forthcoming (October 5th), WELCOME TO THE BATLANDS, is the first installment of Ethan’s BATLANDS PROJECT. The project will feature visuals, artwork, written pieces and music.

Ethan will be warming up the vocal chords prior to the release date with fellow Irish native Sonja Sleator.
21st September – Fibber Magee’s, Dublin
22nd September – Fealty’s Back Bar, Bangor
23rd September – Dicey’s, Strabane
25th September – Acoustic Club, Charlie Malone’s, Limerick
26th September – The Secret Garden, Galway
27th September – The Purple Sessions, Boyle’s of Slane
6th October – The Pavilion, Belfast (album launch party)

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Cover art designed by Ethan Hanna
Photograph by Clair McAllister.
Live photo by The Empire Belfast