Eliot Bold Enough EP Cover

REVIEW: Bold Enough by Eliott

Hailing from Melbourne (AUS) comes 21 year old ELIOTT, but don’t let her age fool you into thinking she’s young and naive. Her debut EP BOLD ENOUGH is everything but those two words.

Kicking off BOLD ENOUGH is the first track “FIGURE IT OUT”. Listening to the track, I can instantly see ELIOTT, head against the window of a moving train as rain starts to cascade against the steel bullet as it barrels down the track. The title of the track says it all, a touching track on how to figure out what you’re feelings are, how to grow and how to let go. It’s a beauty.

“CLOSE TO ME” is a very simple yet poetic song about expectations. What one expects as someone gets close and what we let happen to us as we get close to someone and also from the other end of having someone expect something from us. ELIOTT nails the struggle perfectly with her voice and lyrics.

With the opening lyrics of “CALLING” one can see the heartbroken girl or guy standing at the busy intersection, scanning the faces of the crowd for the one they have lost. We have all lost and this song is the small hope that resides within all of us. It’s the hope that we know we need to let go of, but as ELIOTT sings, we are “addicted to this drug”. This song is painfully beautiful and heartbreaking.

Nearing the end, comes the fourth track, “SO TIRED”, a haunting and enchanting drum lures you in and this is ELIOTT venting and letting go of everything that may have annoyed her. It’s not an angry vent. She is soft and gentle with her words, but they are her frustrations and it is the most upbeat song on the EP. The drum track and vocal loops are a dreamy mix of a woman being honest.

“PHOTOGRAPHS” is a trip down memory lane for the songstress and it’s on a guitar. A raw and emotional confession that also show cases the power of ELIOTT‘s voice. She belts this song out from the heart and it’s absolutely stunning.

Last but not least is “OVER & OVER”. This is closure. This is goodbye. This is closing the door and moving on. This is how you close an EP. You come full circle from heartache and heartbreak to healing and closing the door.


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EP artwork courtesy of Eliott Facebook

Favorite Track: “Photographs”
Will Give You the Feels: “Calling”