Mid City

LISTEN: Old Habits by Mid City

MID CITY first came onto my radar with their damn catchy tune “DEAD BROKEN BLUES” and then they hit me with “OLD HABITS”.

And it is a hit, I’d gladly take. “OLD HABITS” is fucking brilliant.

From Melbourne (AUS), MID CITY is Joel Griffith, Ben Woodmason, Tim Woodmason & James Campbell and they take indie guitar pop to where THE KILLERS failed to do so –> constant guitar driven feel good dance tracks.

Per their Spotify bio, their music could be summed as “songs about the modern grate of love and loss, late nights and poor choices“.

I am down for all of the above.

What I love absolutely love about “OLD HABITS” is that it maintains intensity from start to finish.
There is no lull.
There is no slow.
You are thrown into the fire and you are fully committed to the beat and rhythm whether you are ready for it or not.
You are dancing and a sweaty mess before you know it and you’ve put the song on repeat for 45 minutes straight…okay so that may be just me, but “OLD HABITS” is anything but old.

It is a refreshing guitar and drum laden track that is delectable in sound as it is capitvating, pairing wonderfully with the irresistibly contagious angst of Joel’s vocals.

I am in for the long haul with MID CITY  and ready for a full length album today.

Listen to “OLD HABITS” below

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photos courtesy Mid City’s Facebook