Aeora by Briana Davis

REVIEW: Let Loose by Aeora

First, I owe AEORA and her team an apology because I am late to the game on this EP.

Secondly, I hope to make it up to AEORA with this review.



I was introduced to AEORA via fellow Aussie LANKS when he tweeted about her music. Being a music nerd, I went and listened to “NEED YOU” and fell in love with the song and AEORA‘s voice and “NEED YOU” was on my TOP 10 songs of 2017.

Now, it’s 2018 and AEORA gifts us with her first EP, LET LOOSE.

The EP opens with the title track “LET LOOSE” and boy, is this song infectious. It starts out “quiet” and then the rhythm kicks in and it sinks the hooks into your soul. There is a raw tribal feel that rolls perfectly into the catchy chorus of “le-le-le-le-le-loose” and it’s AEORA‘s voice that carries it from tribal to catchy. You can hear that she is singing the lyrics from the gut and soul.

“PARTY ALL NIGHT” could very well be my theme song. As someone who does enjoy quality time with their friends, it is exhausting because I am an introvert by nature. The lyrics “I wish we could party all night, but I know you don’t always feel all right” sum up my introvert anxiety perfectly. What makes this song shine is you understand the both sides to the coin. You understand “partier” and the “friend who doesn’t feel all right”. Whether you are out with a crowd, in the comfort of your safety zone with a friend, or alone, you are dancing to this song and partying all night on your own terms.

In the middle of the EP, is “WE’RE GETTING SOMEWHERE”. The middle of can make or break an album/EP. The listener is either fully committed or half way out and with this middle track, the listener cannot help but be fully committed. “WE’RE GETTING SOMEWHERE” is the proverbial nail in the coffin. If you weren’t sure of AEORA‘s talent or voice before landing on this track, then as you are listening to it, you are no longer questioning the talent of this young Australian. Lyrically, this is one of the best tracks AEORA has written. It is a beautiful and heartfelt song that just hits you in the feels.

Track 4 is “NEED YOU”. It was one of my favorite songs from 2017 and I’m so happy it landed a coveted spot on LET LOOSE. Listening to it now, I still think it is a heart wrenching, heart breaking and an emotional powerhouse of a song. AEORA’s voice still reverberates the pain and emotion of loving and needing someone and the trifecta of lyrics, voice, and music makes this song poetic and a song every person can understand no matter where they are in their life.

“I.G.I” closes this 5 song EP and is the lead single off of LET LOOSE. It is the perfect close. It is an infectious dancey tune that you do not want to end. The beat and lyrics leave you wanting more but as AEORA says in the song, “I only give you what you need…”

This album was needed. Listen to LET LOOSE below and be glad you did.

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Image by Briana Davis and courtesy of Aeora’s Facebook