LISTEN: Rise by Owl Company

Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil comes rockers, OWL COMPANY. The  band consists of ENRICO MIELLI (vocals), FELIPE RUIZ (guitars), BRUNO SOLERA (guitars), FABIO YAMMAMOTO (bass) and THIAGO BIASOLI(drums).

Of “RISE”, vocalist Enrico Minelli states,

“Rise is about faith and how those associated beliefs can intervene in a person’s life. It tells a story of someone who has realized that they are the god of their actions.”

From their forthcoming album IRIS (Nov 9), what is great about “RISE” is that it is the slower rocker DISTURBED has wanted to put out. Where DISTURBED has failed in releasing a poignant original rocker that connects to the soul, OWL COMPANY has succeeded.

Listen to “RISE” below.

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Band photo by Andre Uba