David Bowie: Tryin’ to Get to Heaven / Mother

On what would have been his 74th birthday (January 8th), the Bowie Estate released two previously unreleased covers.

One of “TRYIN’ TO GET TO HEAVEN” by Bob Dylan and the other of “MOTHER” by John Lennon.

Whew boy, I was not emotionally ready for those two songs. Separately, they are a gut punch, but together on a single, they brought me to my knees..

According to NME, the Body Dylan track was recorded by Bowie for his live album, LiveAndWell.com and “MOTHER” was recorded with Tony Visconti, Bowie’s long time producer, and was set to appear on a Lennon tribute album that never came to fruition.

First, hearing “TRYIN’ TO GET TO HEAVEN” two days before the 5th anniversary of his death, was a kick to the heart. Regardless of when it was recorded, knowing Bowie released BLACKSTAR ★on his birthday and two days before his death and hearing this song, just painted a picture of a man giving it his all one last time. A man doing everything he can right up until he says goodbye. Did this song make my cry the day it came out. Yes it did which leads us to the John Lennon cover.

“MOTHER” had me sobbing like a baby. It wasn’t until the chorus when Bowie is singing, “I just got to tell you. Goodbye. Goodbye. Mama don’t go. Daddy come home…” As someone who has lost her mother, these lyrics with the way that Bowie’s voices carries the deep emotional feeling of loss, pain, and hurt crushed my heart.

Listen to these amazing tracks below.

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album images courtesy of DavidBowie.com