The Cancellations: She’s the Needle

Released in November 2020, “She’s the Needle” is the 2nd single released by Nashville based band, The Cancellations.

Some may recognise, the raspy vocal stylings of Elijah Jones, of Atlanta’s The Constellations.

Is The Cancellations the phoenix rising from the ashes of The Constellations?


While in Nashville, Elijah formed Elijah Jones & The Tenderness with Erik Matthijs, but that incarnation disbanded and Elijah and Erik regrouped into The Cancellations.

Through their music, The Cancellations expose the listener to stories of heart ache, substance abuse and self-discovery

“She’s the Needle” is a mix of heartbreak and substance abuse. The substance this time could possibly be the love of another human. If you replace the drug of choice with love and it’s still a drug.

The song’s swinging beat and guitars remind me of The Beatles. Instead of the innocent feel good of “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” you get a dark and edgy poisonous needle to the vein with “She’s the Needle”.

The song leaves its own track mark across your ears, infecting you with a hip swaying, toe tapping tune and the lyrics paint such a vivid picture of a love lost. Listening, you can see imagery painted by Elijah and crew.

The chorus has one of the most vivid lines I have heard in a while:

She’s the needle. 50cc’s of tar. I’m trying to get to heaven with this track mark across my heart.

As a writer, this line is absolute poetry. I envy the writer of those words and the visual it paints.

The Cancellations have a full length LP coming out on Valentine’s Day titled Fist Fight. We can’t wait for it be released and you can pre-order here.