Keith Wallen: Dream Away

Keith Wallen (former Adelitas Way, current Breaking Benjamin guitarist and backing vocalist) has released a brand spanking new track for 2021 called “Dream Away”.

It gives me 1980s synth sci-fi feels. I say sci-fi because I can absolutely see this on any of my favorite sci-fi shows (past or present) where the hero is “this close” to catching the villain but only to wake from a dream to discover they are still caught in a time loop of hell.

This song is far from hell though.

“Dream Away” is a melodic rocker that is both calming and intense at various points through out the song. The intro is quiet and inviting and as the drums and guitars kick in, you’re taken on this beautiful calming journey through the lyrics and towards the end, the drums and guitar turn into an intense oscillating vibrato that just comes crashing down on you like a wave before it washes you gently to shore.

Photo courtesy of Keith Wallen’s website