🔥 Track: Good Life by Kip Moore

Good God almighty, Mister Kip Moore released a banger of a tune on Friday.

As spring rolls into summer in the States, it is the perfect tune for summer living and sun drenched memories and for me here in AUS where autumn is rolling into winter, it’s a perfect tune to remember that on the other side of the brisk chill lays sun kissed shoulders and toes in the grass.

I’ve always said that I feel more than anything Kip is a rocker instead of a country artist and this song absolutely solidifies that belief.

Good Life” is produced by Jay Joyce, who is coming in hot with 3 albums from Eric Church this month as well. Teaming up with Jay Joyce is a first for Kip who says, “I haven’t been this fired up about new music in a good while. I’m always trying to push myself out of any comfort zones that I may have settled into during the previous project, and I think working with Jay definitely helped me with that.”

I must say, when the “Good Life” started, I was hooked by the rhythm and then lyrics sunk in and the song had me saying DUDE! HELL YES! And raising my hands in a hell yeah!

If you’re heading into listening to this song thing, “oh it’s a country song” you will be sadly mistaken. It’s a rocker from beginning to end. Listening to it, I get the soulful vibes of the Doobie Brothers with a little bit of “Take it Easy” by The Eagles thrown in for extra kick.

The lyrics are tit for tat of each other and play off each other in a fun-pun-intended way that is infectious and the damn chorus is just infectious: “…I’m living me a good life. I wouldn’t change it if I could life. I might tell you that I’ll see you on down the road but I’ll never tell you goodbye…” And the music, especially the guitar, is just crunchy and dirty and pairs beautiful with the slick bass and drums.

If this song doesn’t make you want to sing at the top of your lungs, I don’t know what’s wrong with ya.

If the “Good Life” is any indication of where Kip’s heading for his 5th studio album, consider this girl, all in for the ride because I believe it’s going to be epic.