Track by Track: Unstable by Tetrarch

I’ve been obsessed with this band since I heard “Negative Noise” in early April and have been itching for this release since I discovered them. (Late to the party, I know, but I’m here now and I’m a fan.)

Since others may be new to the band like me, here’s the 411 on them: Hailing from the ATL (that’s Atlanta, GA) and now residing in the City of Angels (that’s Los Angeles, CA), formed in 2007 with Diamond Rowe on lead guitars and Josh Fore on rhythm guitar and vocals. The band released 3 EPs before self-releasing their debut album Freak and now 2021 has given us their first album for Napalm Records, Unstable.

Now, let’s jump right into the album.

I’m Not Right – as someone who has battled depression and anxiety, I strongly connected to the lyrics to this song. I have been every bit of these lyrics and to have that expressed in a song that is heavy in sound and emotion was just beautiful.

Negative Noise – Fuck me. What a fucking banger this song is. Put this song on repeat all day. Every day. I was at sitting at my desk at work when I first heard this song and I just kept going back to it. What hooked me was the opening music and then when the drums kick in, it is a kick in the teeth. On my first listen, it was purely the music that captivated me. Loud. Aggressive. Emotional. I then went back and listened to the lyrics and continuing where “I’m Not Right” left off, these lyrics hit me in the feels. I love these lines: “…I could take the easy ride but I will choose the crooked line…I am all that I have left. I’m understanding, just not wired like the rest. It’s liberating…” I was left emotionally and physically exhausted after listening to this song.

Unstable – the title track from the album and it’s a jam. The rhythm of this song is in-fect-ious. I get a little old school Korn vibes and a little bit of “angry” Chester Bennington in the vocals but while this song it makes me think these two bands could be influences, the overall sound is still true to the sound of who and what Tetrarch is. This would be the first song I would play for others that might be metal fans as it could tell them what the band is about without scaring them off.

You Never Listen – probably my second favorite song on the album and it’s because of the bass. I’m a sucker for a bass line and I find myself drawn to the bass in the song more than anything.

Sick of You – every album and every artist, no matter the genre, has a track that is unforgettable and this is the track for me. While writing about this song, I actually zoned out and forgot I was writing about it. There is nothing musically or lyrically wrong with the song. It just doesn’t have a stand out point that makes it memorable for me.

Take a Look Inside – if I had to have a least favorite song, this is it. While I dig it musically, it’s the “operatic” vocals of the chorus that bug me. It’s too Ghost sounding for me.

Stitch Me Up – hello rad bass line! Hook me and reel me in! I would say this is a down tempo song to the rest of the album. It’s the moment in the album where you can breathe a little. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still heavy but I feel this is the moment where the entire band actually can take a breath.

Addicted – Lyrically and musically, I dig this song. While first 4 tracks might have been heavier and more aggressive, from “Take a Look Inside” and up until this song, I feel it showcases the band isn’t just a band that needs to have insane guitar and drums pulsing through your veins to exist. It shows the album isn’t just a one note metal album. It shows the band’s talent and gives a platform to show off Josh’s vocal range.

Pushed Down – the chorus to this song is a freaking earworm and just grows and grows and Diamond fucking slays the solo guitar work here. Get it queen!

Trust Me – the slowest song on the album and to be honest after 9 tracks that melt your soul, this one is needed. IF Queen of the Damned hadn’t been made already, this song would fit perfectly on the soundtrack.

FAVORITE TRACK: “Negative Noise”