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Listen: Inner Mission by Zen from Mars

If Stephen Shareaux is singing, then I am listening. I have been a fan of his vocal prowess since he was in Kik Tracee. In fact, Stephen and KT hold the number two spot in my all time favourite songs with, “Big Western Sky”.

Stephen is part of a collaborative music project with Drew Fortier (The Lucid, Bang Tango) called ZEN FROM MARS. I won’t say new as ZFM has been around since 2015 and have released 3 singles that I am aware of.

2016’s “New Leaf”, 2019’s “Mother Evolution”, and now 2022’s “Inner Vision” with the promise of a full length album coming out on April 23rd.

“Inner Mission” is a goddamn banger ya’ll.

From the moment it starts to the very end, it’s 4 minutes and 27 seconds of greatness.

As a drum and bass girl, the song had me hooked. They resonate with a heaviness that reminds me of how Christoph Schneider and Oliver Riedel from Rammstein pair together. It hits me in the chest and just sits in the heart like a great drum bass sound should do.

But my favourite part of the song is the chorus where Stephen’s vocal talents shine. He’s got a depth and range that has always given me chills. The distortion of his voice on the words falls and all is signature Stephen and it’s a sound I missed from his 2020 solo album Silver Lining.

If “Inner Mission” is any indication of what the forthcoming album is going to sound like, we are going to have one hell of a rocker on our hands.

Give “Inner Mission” a listen below.

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Photo credit: ZFM.