Listen: The Funeral by Yungblud

I went into this track blind or should I say deaf.

My knowledge of who Yungblud is could honestly be written on a mini sticky note as I’ve seen his name only by songs: featuring Yungblud. That’s it. I couldn’t tell you anything else about him except he was English and was in a David Bowie Is video (clip below).

His music hasn’t been on radar or I assumed based off some of the songs he was featured in, his music wasn’t up my musical alley.

Like they said in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels: “assumption is the mother of fuck ups”.

The reason I actually went and listened to his latest song was because of a headline that read, “Check out the latest video by Yungblud featuring Ozzy and Sharon Osborne.” It had me at Ozzy, but instead of going straight to the video, I thought, why not sit down with the track first and listen to it with open ears and an open mind.

And boy, am I glad I did.

Yungblud has a new fan in me.

The thing I noticed about Yungblud the most was his vocals. There’s depth in it with a bit of dirt and grime. The depth feels like it has come from a sense of having lived a life, and he’s only 24 years young. A mere babe in the world, but his vocals betray him as one that might have seen the best and worst of humanity. His voice in “The Funeral” is more mature than the older tracks I went back and listened to.

“The Funeral” is a straight up get on your feet feel good dance song. Very reminiscence of Billy Idol and I also get a bit of a Sex Pistols energy as well.

Once I watched the video, all the pieces of the puzzle came together. “The Funeral” showcases Yungblud‘s iconic snarl (as media pictures have shown). A snarl that is up there with the likes of Billy Idol, Jonny Rotten, and Sid Vicious. Whether those artists influence Yungblud musically, artistically, or not, I sense the spirit of all 3 within his music and vocals. He’s got the Sex Pistols vibe down, but for the 2022 crowd.

There’s magic in this kid. If he keeps doing him, nothing can stop him.

Listen or watch “The Funeral” below

Photo credit: Yungblud YouTube