Review: So Happy it Hurts by Bryan Adams

This wasn’t a planned review. Bryan Adams‘ new album, So Happy It Hurts (released on 11-March), wasn’t even on my radar. I only know of its existence because the super talented man did the photography for the upcoming Rammstein album. They had tagged him in a photo and I wanted check out Bryan’s other photography but I discovered this album instead.

Holy Mary mother of god, it fucking rocks.

The title track is infectious, fun, and a ball of energy you want to bottle. While Bryan’s voice has it’s own distinctive qualities, this song gives me Springsteen + Traveling Wilburys energy and let me tell you, this song sets the pace for the entire album.

The bass in “Never Gonna Rain” is my favourite part of the song. Lyrically and energy wise, as someone who has been doused in rain since February, the choir singing in this song puts my “here comes the rain again attitude” into the “it’s never gonna rain again attitude”, and lifts my spirits. This bass is so damn catchy and when it’s mixed with Bryan’s voice, it just makes the sunshine appear.

The empowering lyrics of “You Lift Me Up” is a heartfelt and warming song that one feel like Bryan is singing the song directly to them.

I get a rockabilly swagger vibe from “I’ve Been Looking for You” that would give Brian Setzer a decent run for his money, plus the bass in this song is to die for. To. Die. For. I’ll take the sound of an upright bass any day of the week.

The down tempo songs like “Always Have, Always Will”, “Let’s Do This”, “Just Like Me, Just Like You”, and “These Are the Moments That Make Me” let Bryan’s voice and lyrics rise above the guitar, bass, and drums. Each showcasing emotions of the heart, of relationships, of love. They’re all very touching and from the heart.

Rockers like “On the Road”, “I Ain’t Worth Shit Without You”, “Just About Gone”, all have gritty guitars, driving bass and drum beats that will make one raise their rock hands and sing along to (or play air instrument to). They’re all fabulous and fun.

Then there’s the anthem-like, “Kick Ass” that screams of the vibrant feel good energy of Bryan’s classic hit, “Summer of ’69”. This song is the gem on the album. The introduction with John Cleese makes this song epic. The song has everything. Great guitars, fantastic drums, thumping bass, banging piano, and fun lyrics. It’s a song I think every band in the Universe should know (and cover).

Give the album a spin, trust me, you won’t regret it.




Listen to Kick Ass or the entire album below.

Photo Credit: Bryan Adams