Listen: Schizophrenic Blues by The Cancellations

The Cancellations have released their first single from their upcoming album, Pity Party (10-June), called “Schizophrenic Blues”.

As hard as it to correctly spell the word schizophrenic, the song “Schizophrenic Blues” is by far an easier pill to swallow.

Starting out on slow, the song builds and crescendos into, well, schizophrenia and bit of chaos, but it suits the song well. During the chorus, the drums are thrashy and tinny, conveying the madness of the lyrics through singer, Elijah Jones.

My favourite lyric is, “The shrink says I’m not Jesus and I can’t have my belt. It’s hard to say you’re sorry with gun in your mouth. Oh did I freak you out? Sign my name on the dotted line. This mental institution’s got me losing my mind.”

Despite the seriousness of the mental health illness and awareness in the lyrics, the music softens the message and makes a touchy subject digestible for those that may not like to discuss mental health matters.

“Schizophrenic Blues” has me looking forward to hearing the rest of album. (We’ll review when it’s released.)

Listen to the “Schizophrenic Blues” on Spotify.

Photo credit: The Cancellations