Discover: Gwairoch

Gwairoch popped up in my explore tab on Instagram and I was curious as to why the Instagram algorithms pushed this blue haired forest nymph into my feed.

I clicked and was intrigued and fell down the rabbit hole that is social media, but instead of the glamour and the glitz, it was a connection to the Universe through Gwairoch‘s voice.

From Soundcloud, her bio says: Gwairoch‘s music & activations are experiences co-created with her beloved spirit crew. She offer journeys through inner nature combined with deep tribal, elemental & cosmic electronic vibes, bringing us closer to Source.

At first listen, the ear is tricked to hear words or a language that it can’t quite pinpoint but it does become clear, Gwairoch is not singing a language from an earthly plane but one from an ethereal plane. A language or voice that she describes as energies and frequencies from within.

She answers the question, what language do you sing in, in one of her Q&A stories and she says, “it’s the language of my soul”.

If you’re familiar with mantras or chants, energies and frequencies is exactly what you hear and it’s mesmerising.

Listen to Gwairoch below:

Photo Credit: Gwairoch